“Summer Academy: The Art of Start-Up” will take place from July 21 to July 27, 2008 on the basis of the State University – Higher School of Economics. The event is organized by Laboratory of Complex Communications (http://commlab.narod.ru/eventpages/school08/school08.html), the Government Relations Department of SU-HSE and the Department for Extra-Curriculum Activities with Students and Graduates of SU-HSE.

Summer Academy will take place in form of intensive educational program. The participants divided into groups of 6-7 people led by the scientific adviser, will be studying during one week the Russian institutional environment: state, business, and society, as well as mechanisms of their interaction. The core idea of the Academy is to study the entrepreneurial opportunities as well as the opportunities to realize new projects in Russia both for Russians and foreigners.

Respectful experts in Russian political system as well as government communication with NGOs and business, including Kordonskiy S. (Ex-Chief of Analytical Department of the President Putin V. Administration), Kotelevskaya I. (Chief of GR Department of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs), Stanholm U. (director of the Moscow regional office of the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce) and many others – will participate as lectors.

Two unique business-cases in the field of strategic administration and management of NGOs will be studied during the Academy. The jury, who will vote to choose the winners, will include the leading experts in the area of authorities, business and NGOs communication.

There are 5 groups of students led by the scientific adviser will participate in Summer Academy. 3 of those 5 groups would be multinational: they will include the students from the New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria), the University of Pisa (Italy), the University of Trento (Italy), European Business School (Germany), the University of Manheim (Germany), and the University of Helsinki (Finland). One group would also represent Nizhniy Novgorod, the two left would include the students from Moscow universities (SU-HSE, MFTI, MGLU, MGIEM, REA and others). During the project the groups will give presentations on the theme of small business development in Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, and Russian regions.

Some educational events which are planned as part of Academy are open for free visit.

In the end of Summer Academy the participants will receive certificates of the State University – Higher School of Economics. Also upon the results of Academy a collection of expert lectures, participants’ reports and unique cases description will be released.

Moscow “Summer Academy: The Art of Start-Up” is the first educational project of the Laboratory of Complex Communications and the first project in the series “Summer Academy”. The event consists of three parts. Year 2009 Academy will be organized on the basis of New Bulgarian University and Helsinki University.

Please see attached to this news release the detailed program of Summer Academy.

We would be happy if you participate with us in opening the event in State University – Higher School of Economics. Please feel free to contact us on the issues of press accreditation and participation in the opening.

Contact persons in Laboratory of Complex Communications:

Dinara Izmaylova – chief coordinator of Summer Academy

+7 926 159 86 41

+39 389 838 72 15


Denis Maximov – president of the Laboratory

+7 909 694 16 07

+37 259 634 121


Marina Petrikina – vice-president of the Laboratory

+ 7 926 387 87 02


Oxana Morgunova – general secretary of the Laboratory

+7 916 333 62 67

+38 095 363 26 22


Contact person in the State University – Higher School of Economics:

Tatiana Zakharova, the Head of Extra Curriculum Activities with Students and Graduates Department of SU-HSE

+7 495 917 31 61